The L.M slide shaft is used in combination with ball bushes moving linearly, so the shaft acts not only as a guide for ball bushes but also as a innerring for bearings. Therefore, the quality of a shaft has a big effect on the function of ball bushes and linear motion systems.
MS Shaft guarantees the function of L.M shafts with its technology accumulated for a long time by performing material selection, heat treatment, grinding, machining, etc. considering this point enough.
MS Shaft supplies 10 or more types of shafts, which can be selected properly depending on uses.

Production site of the grinding factory at Daegu 3rd Industrial Complex

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Head office and Daegu factory
Tel : 053-341-0022~3
Fax : 053-341-0021
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Dasan factory
Tel : 054-956-2000, 054-956-2060~1
Fax : 054-956-2062

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